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Research shows that people learn in many different ways. For this reason, a multi-modality approach will be used when working with the learners. The learners will practice skills using visual, auditory, and tactile methods. Literacy Innovations, LLC is committed to enhancing essential skills by using materials and mediums that best assist the learner. Literacy Innovations, LLC focuses on one-on-one tutoring, so the learner will achieve success in minimal time and be motivated to learn.  

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Ohio's Third Grade Reading


The guarantee says that your child will read and comprehend on grade level by the end of the third grade or he/she will be retained. Third graders must meet the minimum score during the Fall or Spring administration of the test.

The promotion score for 2019-2020 school year is a scale score of 683. The reading subscore is 46. 

How Will You Know if Your Child is on Track?

The school will assess your child to find out his/her reading level. If your child if not on track, the school will give your child a reading plan that should help the child improve his/her reading. It is important for you to read the information provided by the school about your child's reading performance in grades K-3.

Is My Child Exempt?  

  • If your child is learning to speak English, he/she may be exempt.

  • If you child is on an Individualized Education Plan (IEP) and the IEP says that he/she cannot repeat grade 3 because of reading, your child may be exempt.

  • If your child has received reading help for at least 2 years and has repeated a grade before, he/she may be exempt.

  • If your child shows on certain tests, other than the state reading test, that he/she is reading on grade level, he/she may be exempt

How Can I Help?

You can help by reading to your child daily and making sure that he/she reads for at least 30 minutes each day outside of school. You can also help by making sure that your child has mastered the high frequency words. High frequency words are the foundation of oral and written communication. These words must be memorized because many of them cannot be sounded out phonetically.

Does your learner need sight word practice? If so, A Guide to Becoming a Better Reader Using Sight Words and word work is now available on Amazon. Get your copy today. 


"She gets great results and you will see improvement in your child's reading."

  "A chance to give children the help they need to grow. I love all the help my son gets from Literacy Innovations, LLC."

" Ms. Ebony puts in the time to make sure your your child will succeed. Thanks for everything. I wish you much success in the future." 

— Danielle from Cleveland, OH

— Ashly from Cleveland, OH

— Alicia from Cleveland Hts.,  OH

— Latasha from Euclid, OH

"Kids really benefit from  this type of assistance from those who need a little more help in certain subjects. I think this is a great service."

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