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Literacy Innovations, LLC offers a variety of tutoring services. Tutoring is available in all subjects in grades K-8. Literacy Innovations, LLC can also meet the English/Language Arts needs in learners 9-12.

Literacy Innovations, LLC specializes in developing critical thinking skills and enhancing comprehension across all literary genres. Literacy Innovations, LLC is also available for homework help, projects, reports and study skills enrichment.

English Grammar, Literature, and Writing 9-12
Reading K-8
Writing K-8

• Phonemic Awareness/Phonics

• Vocabulary Development

• Reading Comprehension

• Higher Order Thinking Skills


• Writing Process

• Grammar

• Paragraph Writing

• Essay Writing


• Problem Solving

• Pre-Algebra

• Data Analysis

• Geometry

• Writing skills

• Grammar

• Vocabulary

• Critical Reading

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